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About Us

 Founder, Alicia Hall

Hi- I’m Alicia C. Hall, Entrepreneur and Co-Owner of Hanae’s Closet, LLC one of my three profitable businesses thus far. I consider myself to be a “Serial Entrepreneur” meaning a person who successfully starts a number of businesses. Another business I am a proud owner of is House of Greens And Beans (H.O.G.A.B) where I specialize in detox smoothies and snacks (click the link to learn more about this business.) 

And Hall’s Sign-N-Go Agency/ Mobile Notary Service where I offer notary service on variety of important documents (click on the link to learn more about this business.) I am a single parent to a bright and talented teenaged daughter, Hanae, whom I am very proud of. I earned my Master’s degree in Leadership from Duquesne University. I’ am also a proud HBCU Alumni from Virginia State University/ Major: Music Education, Point Park University/ Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications and Allegheny Community College of North Campus Associate’s English/Communications. Alicia’s visual style has always been unique. That dates back to childhood to adulthood creating her own clothing and professional attire as a fashion designer in 2000-04 as Owner of “Distinctively Different True Fashions” by Alicia. In “2009” Hanae’s Closet, LLC was established while a former Owner/Director of a Childcare Center “Little People’s Discovery Center.” Happily, In “2013” Hanae’s Closet, LLC. Connected with “Fulton Elementary School of Pittsburgh” where my daughter formally attended and we would give away free new/gently worn school uniforms to the students. Speed up to date to now ”In 2018” Hanae’s Closet, LLC website was re-launch and stopped do to a few glitches. Suggested to try again by my 13 year daughter as a mother and daughter “duo” in “June 2019” by using a different approach. Our business started by literally giving away new and gently worn school uniforms and selling shoes that Hanae out grew at her former school and at flea markets. We both have bigger visions for the company, so here we are today. As we are growing we now buy from local entrepreneurs then re-sell their products on our site as we love to represent small local businesses and internationally ones, as well. Our company is currently made up of an estimated 85% new items and an estimated 15% gently worn items which are carefully hand-picked to the highest quality free from children’s items at the best pricing coupled with outstanding customer service. Our policy is simple; “We are responsible for keeping our customer satisfied...period”

Co-Founder Hanae Rayzer

Hi – I’m Hanae I. Rayzer, I’m 13 years old and I am the Creative Director of Hanae’s Closet, LLC. I was born and raised right here in Pittsburgh. I consider myself to be creative, smart, compassionate and confident. One of my talents is music, specifically in playing the viola. Playing the viola has been my outlet and one of my passions. This led me to attend Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) as a Viola major. I enjoy sharing my love for fashion, accessories, and fabrics/textiles (colors and shapes) with family, friends and customers. 

The re-launch of my company means a lot to me. Plus, the company is named after me!   Also, I love that I can add my creative touch to the site with “sassy” and “colorful” things by incorporating my personal works, as well. Working with my mother is “fly”… mother/daughter duo is super cool. I’m extremely enthusiastic to see how far the site will go. Yeah!!!! Please support and give your feedback because what our customers think is very important to us! Thank you!!!